Dental Bridges

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A Dental Bridge is basically a number of crowns connected together. A Bridge can replace one or more missing teeth. In this procedure, support is taken from one/more adjacent teeth. It is a universally accepted technique because it is simple, painless, and economical.

It requires minimum sittings. A dental bridge is a fixed solution for missing teeth.

The types bridges we Provide

  • All metal: They are the strongest and most durable crowns available. But, shade of the teeth cannot be matched. Thus, they are used for posterior teeth. They can be used when the space available for crown placement is minimum.
  • Porcelain (ceramic) fused to metal: This type of crown involves a metal layer to which porcelain is fused. So, the required shade can be achieved.They are highly durable. They can be used for anterior as well as posterior teeth.
  • Zirconium (metal free) : They are highly aesthetic , metal free , biocompatible, extremely tough and long lasting. They can be used for anterior as well as posterior teeth. 

Why Dental Bridges?

  • Replaces missing teeth, restoring: aesthetics of a natural tooth & natural chewing ability
  • Prevents over eruption of opposing teeth, prevents drift/ tipping of adjacent teeth.
  • Prevents gum pocket formation, prevents tooth decay
  • Prevents bone loss thus preventing periodontal disease.

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